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Some straight talk from an expert on layoffs and firings. Sample layoff letter.
Using A Sample Layoff Letter


A sample layoff letter will ensure you cover important areas and stay within the layoff law.

Here is key information you should include in a sample layoff letter:

* Company name and address of the layoff site
* Name of company contact person as well as phone number
* Whether the layoff is temporary or permanent
* Date of first separation
* Dates for layoff dates
* Job titles which you will lay off
* Information about severance packages
* Explanation for the reasons of the layoff

Sample Layoff Letter Requirements for WARN

Under certain circumstances employers must provide notice about a possible layoff within a certain time frame. Under the Federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, commonly known as WARN, you must provide advance notice of mass layoffs and plant closings to employees within 60 days of the layoff. You must provide the WARN announcement to affected workers or their representatives, such as a labor union. In addition, you must provide a notice to a suitable unit of local government and the State dislocated worker unit.

Here are exceptions.

For WARN to affect a business, there must be 100 or more employees. This does not include employees who have worked at the location for fewer than 6 months in the last 12 months. Employees who work an average of fewer than 20 hours a week are also not covered.

When your business must comply with WARN, employers should provide notice if a site will be shutdown and that shutdown will result in an employment loss of 50 or more employees during a 30-day period. WARN considers a mass layoff to be an employment loss during any 30-day period of 500 or more covered employees.

The law requires specific content if a layoff triggers a WARN notice. So, it can be helpful to use a sample layoff letter. This letter can guide you through the procedure of making the proper notices about the closure or mass layoff.

Besides the requirements listed above for a layoff letter, you should also include:

* Whether union bumping rights exist
* Name of unions representing affected employees
* Name and address of the chief elected officer for each union

Terminate fairly for both your business & the employees. Our recommended approach




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Sample Layoff Letter


Employer's help

Developing A Good Severance Package Makes Sense

A good severance package says a great deal about the humanity of a business manager. A manager can tailor it to the size and financial capacity of the business while, at the same time, create a world of goodwill within the community.

The employee who, like Bill Bailey, finds himself or herself thrown out the door with nothing but a fine-tooth comb, does not leave with the same dignity of the employee who walks out with a folder full of hope. An alert management is aware that when workers must be terminated through no fault of their own, it creates talk among that person's family and acquaintances. A good severance package allows that employee to tell others what the business "did for me" instead of what it "did to me."

The severance package need not be elaborate to create goodwill, but the absence of such a program will not go unnoticed by either the terminated employee or those with whom he or she makes later contact.

Finding solutions to severance package benefits.

A severance package is not the same as a contractual severance payment. A package includes more items like a letter of recommendation, help to find another position or an option to stay on the group health insurance program for a limited time. There are many ways a business can helps its former employee. Something as simple as a certificate of appreciation costs the business little, nothing more than the price of stationery and copies.